These 11 Prayer and Azan Applications Can Steal Personal Data, Delete Immediately

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These 11 prayer and call to prayer applications can steal personal data, delete them immediately (Photo: Ars Technica)
There are many prayer and call to prayer applications on the Google Play Store that are dangerous, because they can steal users' personal data. Therefore, delete it immediately if it is on your Android phone.

Reported from a trusted source, Saturday (23/4/2022), an analysis reports about a series of dangerous applications.

This application, which is available on the Google Play Store, can collect sensitive data from Android users, and the worst thing is that it has been downloaded by more than 45 million application installers.

The data of these users has the potential to be misused by the application. And the number is quite a lot, up to eleven applications.

The eleven applications, stealing data through third-party software development (SDK).

The application has the ability to retrieve clipboard content, GPS data, email addresses, phone numbers, and even the MAC address of the user's modem router and network SSD.

The following is a list of 11 prayer and azan applications that must be removed because they are dangerous:

  1. Speed ​​Camera Radar - 10 million downloads
  2. Al-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times) - 10 million downloads
  3. WiFi Mouse (PC remote control) - 10 million Downloads
  4. QR & Barcode Scanner - 5 million downloads
  5. Qibla Compass - Ramadan 2022 - 5 million downloads
  6. Simple Weather & Clock Widget - 1 million downloads
  7. Handcent Nex SMS-Text w/MMS - 1 million downloads
  8. Smart Kit 360 - 1 million downloads
  9. Alquran MP3 - 50 Reciters & Audio Translation - 1 million downloads
  10. Full Quran MP3 - 50+ Language & Audio Translation - 1 million downloads
  11. Audiosdroid Audio Studio DAW - 1 million downloads
Those are some dangerous applications that must be watched out for by its users, especially Muslims. For users who have already installed it, please uninstall it from the device immediately.

Beware of the private data theft mode under the guise of prayer and call to prayer applications. May be useful..

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