These Bad Habits Make Your Phone Damage Quickly, Don't Underestimate!

Anyone often feels that the cellphone they buy is easily damaged? Don't rush to blame the phone brand or the shop where you bought it. It could be that your smartphone gets damaged quickly because of your own actions.

The reason is, the main determinant of whether or not a cellphone is durable is how we care for and use it. In fact, trivial bad habits in the use of cellphones can make their age not last long.

Then, what kind of habits can make a cellphone break quickly? Here are five trivial habits that make your phone less durable.

1. Not wearing a screen protector

Most of the latest smartphones have been designed to have a screen protector such as Gorilla Glass to keep the screen from being damaged easily. But as an additional form of protection, you can add a screen protector to make the screen more secure.

2. Charge the battery when it is completely discharged

The longer the age of the cellphone, usually the battery capacity will also decrease. In order to maintain good performance, it is recommended to immediately charge it when the indicator shows 30 percent.

3. Lazy to update software

One thing that is quite often overlooked by smartphone users is updating software. In fact, diligently updating software can make phone performance faster. In addition, it also increases the security of the cellphone.

4. Just choose a charger

Using the phone's charger and cable is highly recommended. But if you don't have one, you can't just use a charger. Always choose a quality charger and cable.

This is because fake chargers sometimes have unstable voltages. This has the potential to make the phone break more quickly.

5. Leaving the charger plugged in

Some types of cellphones are equipped with a feature to stop charging when full. But leaving the charger plugged in will make the cellphone heat up quickly and damage the battery. (*)

Photo: Pixabay
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