Twitter: With the 'Unmention' Feature, Users Can Delete Their Own Username Tags

Twitter is getting friendlier to its users. With the "Unmention" feature. Usually, Twitter users are free to mention your username in other people's posts, but with the Unmention feature, you can remove the tag from the conversation.

While the Unmention feature is limited to some users and only available on the web version for now, it can be very useful for escaping non-essential chats or even conversations that can get emotional.

With the Unmention-ing feature, a way to help you protect your peace and keep yourself away from conversations that are deemed unimportant.

The Twitter company has also posted a short GIF of what the "Unmention" feature looks like.

The "Leave this conversation" option will appear in the menu from the corner of the tweet on the web version of Twitter. The menu actually also displays the "Mute" and "Embed" options as well.

Clicking on the “Leave this conversation” option will bring up another menu detailing what happened when you left the conversation. First, your username will not be tagged, so other people won't be able to mention your username again in the conversation. And most importantly you won't get any more notification.

The news of the emergence of this feature was first revealed by Twitter researcher Jane Manchun Wong who uploaded a screenshot of "Leave this conversation" in February 2022. As usual, his investigation proved correct.

Users have the choice to avoid tweeting conversations that may invite hate speech, are uninteresting, or are deemed inappropriate.

This choice has been welcomed by Twitter users, especially those who are potentially harassed on the platform and helps them avoid other users who are nosy.

Photo: Pixabay
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