Amazon Prime Air Prepares to Launch Delivery Service with Drones

Amazon is all set to launch its Amazon Prime Air service by the end of this year. The drone service was developed using an algorithm to optimize the service's performance.

Previously, Amazon had developed a drone delivery program since 2013. After receiving approval later this year from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Amazon Prime Air is ready to launch.

Residents living in Lockeford, California, will be the first to experience Amazon Prime's services. The company said it chose Lockeford, California as the first to experience the service because the area is still in touch with the airline industry.

Although it is felt that a drone can only transport a certain weight limit, Amazon has not yet disclosed the details of the product delivery terms it will do with the drone.

Reporting from Lifewire, this innovation was first announced by the CEO of retail company Jeff Bezos since 2013. However, the program has previously encountered various problems that were reported at its test site last year.

In addition, analysts have expressed skepticism about using drones as a medium for airborne deliveries. This is because a drone must require high battery power to be able to deliver various products over a distance of dozens of kilometers.

Although ready to launch after receiving approval from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Amazon Prime Air itself has not announced when this program will expand outside Lockeford, California, or throughout the country. (*)

Photo: Pexels
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