Sony and Honda's EV Business Has a New Name, Sony Honda Mobility Inc

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After Sony and Honda announced plans to form a separate company for an electric vehicle (EV) partnership, they finally gave it a name. Yes, the new business is called Sony Honda Mobility Inc.

The company will be established in Tokyo before the end of 2022. Sales of EVs will begin in 2025, Sony said in a press release.

Each company holds an equal 50 percent stake, with Honda executive Yasuhide Mizuno appointed chairman and CEO, while the president and COO is Sony EVP Izumi Kawanishi.

As Sony explained earlier, Honda will take care of the technical and vehicle parts. By leveraging Honda's leading environmental and safety technologies, mobility development capabilities to vehicle body manufacturing technologies.

Meanwhile, Sony will take over the software part. Including imaging, sensing, telecommunications, networking and entertainment technology for its car needs.

Honda is indeed far behind its competitors in EV development. Its only electric car launched was the Honda E. But recently the company has accelerated its plans.

Earlier this year, Honda launched a partnership with GM to jointly develop a range of affordable EVs using GM's global architecture and Ultium battery technology. The goal is for Honda and Acura SUVs to go on sale in North America by 2024.

Honda also announced plans to shift its entire vehicle lineup to EVs and fuel cell vehicles by 2040. As part of that, Honda will invest USD 40 billion and launch 30 new EV types by 2030.

On the other hand, Sony has shown not one, but two electric vehicles of its own design. Namely the Vision-S EV and Vision-S 02 electric SUV. At this time, it is not known where Sony Honda Mobility will follow all the big plans of the company. But Sony and Honda are the perfect combination to lead the change in the EV industry.(*)

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