GOOGLE Combines Duo and Meet Into One Video Calling Platform

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Google plans to simplify its communications services. On June 1, 2022, the company announced its plans to combine Duo and Meet, two different video calling apps, into a single platform service called Google Meet.

Before the official merger happens, Google will start adding Meet features to Duo. This means that users will be able to use the features of the Meet app in Duo, such as scheduling meetings. Other features coming to Duo include support for virtual backgrounds, live sharing content, and online chat in meetings.

At the same time, Google is also promising features that Duo users like and popular, such as the ability to apply filters and effects to calls. In addition, your call history, contacts and messages will not disappear from the application. It's all part of Google's promise to carefully integrate the two platforms and be able to support as many users as possible.

Google's reason for merging the two apps is because the company believes that it will ultimately benefit users. On the other hand, users will not be confused about using one of the features between the two applications.

"Over the past few years, Duo and Meet have continued to evolve as video calling and meeting needs have continued to evolve, and now the shared experience will be even better as Google Meet," a company spokesperson told Engadget.

Rumors of a Meet and Duo merging have been circulating since 2020. But at that time no official announcement was made by the company. In its official blog, Google said the merger of the two would be implemented by the end of 2022.

Meet is already built into so many Google services that it can become a competitor to WhatsApp and FaceTime. Meanwhile, Duo itself was introduced in 2016 along with Allo. Unfortunately, the Allo service has now been retired by Google.(*)

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