Addicted to TikTok Scrolling? Try Using This New Feature

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Doing something too much doesn't always end well. You can stop it, of course. Playing cellphones and social media continuously, for example. This of course will be self-defeating.

Well, to help you manage your time well, TikTok has added a series of new features designed to remind users who are not aware of time because they are already having fun scrolling through TikTok videos.

The new feature will display a reminder after the user overuses the application from a certain period of time that you have set yourself. This feature will add new protection to the existing daily limit.

Teenage users (between the ages of 13 and 17) will be asked to use a screen time-limiting tool, if they spend more than 100 minutes on the app in a single day.

TikTok has also added new screen time information that shows a summary of app usage. The statistics include the amount of time the app was opened, a breakdown of day and night usage, and an overall counter for the amount of time spent in the app each day.

This kind of feature is not only available on TikTok. Other apps like Instagram and Netflix have also been designed to help users manage social media playtime and movie streaming.

Apple and Google also have app usage time limits on iOS and Android. This new functionality is also useful for services whose ad-based business model is based on user attention.(*)

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