Suddenly the App Closes Alone? Here's the Right Way to Overcome Force Close

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It must be really annoying when an application that we open suddenly closes itself or more commonly known as a force close or crash. This is quite often found by smartphone users when opening large applications such as games or social media.

Then what is the cause of the application suddenly closing itself when it is in use? According to a trusted source, it is explained that this is because there are several things that cause the application on your cellphone or laptop to force close.

Causes of Applications Closing Alone (Force Close)

Some of them are RAM that is too full, cache files accumulate, the operating system (OS) is no longer compatible, until there are bugs that make applications problematic. These conditions make the application can not run properly so it closes forcibly.

When a force close occurs, it is not uncommon for people to feel panicked and confused about what to do. Especially for those who are unfamiliar with technology. But actually, this force close problem can be solved quite easily.

Simple Tips to Overcome Force Close

Clean cache files in all apps

The simplest thing that can be done when an application suddenly experiences a force close is to clear cache files in all applications. You can do this by going to settings, then looking for storage, and clearing cached data.

This method will make various unused junk files removed so that the memory becomes more spacious. It can also be added by deleting cache files on problematic applications.

Delete some unused apps

If after deleting cache files but memory is still insufficient or force close is not resolved, try deleting some applications that are no longer in use. Don't forget to clear all data before deleting the app from the phone.

Reinstall the app

Another way you can do is to remove the force close application and then reinstall it. This can be a solution because usually the downloaded application is the latest version.

Phone operating system update

It can also be done by updating the operating system on the cellphone. This is useful to help fix bugs that exist on smartphones so that the device can run more optimally.

Reboot or restart and reset your smartphone

In addition, restarting or rebooting the smartphone can be done. This method indirectly makes the device perform a soft reset so that it is more ready to be used again.

You can also do a factory reset, but the risk is that all data will be lost and the phone will return to factory settings like when it was first purchased.

So, those were some of the ways that you can do when the phone suddenly experiences a force close. If all the methods above have been tried and force closes still occur frequently, maybe it's time to buy a new device. May be useful..

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