SNAPCHAT immediately launched "SNAPCHAT Plus" this is the latest feature

Snapchat instant messaging service application is working on its premium version. The subscription version is called "Snapchat Plus". This service is paid and the subscription user will have a privilege to get the latest features earlier.

"We are doing the initial internal testing stage of Snapchat Plus. A new subscription service for Snapchatters (called Snapchat application user). " Snapchat company spokesman said as reported by The Verge.

We are happy with the potential to share exclusive, experimental, and pre-system features with our customers, as well as learning more about the best way to serve our community, "he added.

Although it has not been explained in detail about what features that Snapchat Plus users get, an Android developer Alessandro Paluzzi explains some of the features obtained by Snapchat Plus users on his personal Twitter site. He explained that users who subscribe to Snapchat Plus will get some special features.

These features include users can embed one snapchat contact as "#1 BFF", get exclusive access to the Snapchat icon, display a special badge/badge next to his profile name, and can watch Snapchat story again.

The Snapchat Plus subscription price will be charged at EUR 4.59 per month and EUR 45.99 per year. But the price is still not said to be absolute and can change at any time.

Snapchat itself is not the only technology company that announced the premium version of their application. Telegram recently has also said that they are also in the stage of the premium version of work.

While Twitter is also working on its own premium version called Blue. The premium version displays the ability to cancel tweet and bookmark important user collections.

Photo Source: Tech Viral
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