Tricks If Suddenly Internet is Slow, Try These 8 Things

Slow internet is really annoying, especially when connection problems occur when you are working on an important task. Bad networks to other problems that make your wifi super slow, definitely make you want to get angry.

The need for internet in this digital era is indeed an important thing, it could be that the internet has entered our clothing needs, because it has become a basic need. So automatically you also have to be surrounded by good internet.

Tips for overcoming a slow internet connection

Slow internet can suddenly happen when it rains or you are in an area far from the city center. We can prevent slow internet incidents with the following tips.

1. Reset Your Router

The Wifi router that has been installed for a long time should be reset so that your internet connection improves. How to reset the router is very easy, you just need to turn off the router, unplug the cable and wait 10 to 20 seconds, then plug it back in. This first method can help your internet connection to return to normal.

2. Customize Router Antenna

If your router has an antenna that can be oriented, then try adjusting the direction of the antenna. Router antennas are usually omnidirectional, the signal is sent perpendicular to the antenna, for example, a vertical antenna will send a horizontal signal and vice versa. The direction of the antenna is adjusted to the position of the router to your cellphone.

3. Clear Your Browser History

In addition to interference from the router, slow internet can be caused by the capacity of your browser which is too much. Take a look at the 'tabs' in your browser, the number of search windows you forget to close can affect your internet power. Clear history and cache regularly.

4. Check for Viruses on Your Phone

Viruses can affect your internet speed. Try to download a safe and official anti-virus application on your device. If there are several viruses detected, immediately remove and clean the virus. Usually, this method makes your internet not slow anymore.

5. Use Ad Blocking

Ads circulating on cellphones can make your internet slow. Usually, illegal advertisements are seen in the top bar, such advertisements appear if you open an unofficial website. Websites like watching free and illegal movies usually contain advertisements and viruses that can harm your device.

6. Disconnect Unused Devices

Devices that are not used but are connected to wifi can also make your internet not fast. Immediately look at the history of your wifi device, maybe there is an old cellphone or laptop that is still connected. Immediately disconnect non-essential devices, including checking for suspicious devices or devices that don't belong to your family members.

7. Find the Best Settings for Your Router

Many people don't realize that they can change router settings simply because it relies on default settings. Visit your router and ISP's website to check the recommended settings, then log in. And you can compare and update the settings.

8. Change Your Internet Package or Router

These tips are the last alternative if the methods above can't help you from slow internet problems. Although the process of changing routers and internet packages is quite complicated, you can use this method to choose a router or internet package that suits your area.

Ask your friends for their opinion about a certain brand, the experiences of friends or neighbors can help you decide on a better internet.

Those are tips so that your internet isn't slow anymore, I hope it helps..

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