With this feature, WHATSAPP users can mute certain people during group calls

WhatsApp has rolled out several new features. One of them is the ability to mute other people during group calls.

On June 18, 2022, The Verge reported that, this feature is not only useful for muting people who forget to turn off their own mic, but also if the user is in the same room as someone who is also calling and doesn't want to hear the echo.

Disorganized voice due to weak signal, technical problems and stacked voices usually make group calls not run optimally. Now, with this feature, WhatsApp offers new controls that can be utilized when a call involves many people.

While some meeting apps, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, allow hosts to mute all participants (or a specific one), they usually don't give individual users the control they want to mute during a call.

Apart from the new mute feature, WhatsApp is also rolling out a new label that notifies users when someone new joins a call once it has started.

WhatsApp also provides a feature for users who want to send messages to certain people while in group calls. This feature is suitable for those of you who like to take notes to someone during a call or make jokes that may not suit the rest of the group.

The messaging service is rolling out more than just a group calling feature. On Saturday, June 18, 2022, WhatsApp will allow users to choose which contacts can see their profile picture, about, and last seen status which shows when you were last active on the platform.

This feature can help you to keep user profiles closed from professional contacts, or anyone you don't want those users to have access to this information.

Last year, WhatsApp started hiding a user's "last seen" from strangers by default due to potential privacy concerns.

This June 2022, WhatsApp has also rolled out the ability for Android users to transfer chat history to iPhone after the company released a similar feature to transfer conversation data from iPhone to Android last year.

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