YOUTUBE's New Feature Can Highlight Frequently Replayed Video Parts

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YouTube released a new feature to highlight the most played back parts of videos in its website and mobile app versions. So, if you feel that a certain part of the video is boring, you can skip it and go straight to the place where the moment is played back the most.

The feature was previously available as a regular trial for premium YouTube subscribers but is rolling out to all users today.

According to The Verge, users can identify the most popular parts of a video from the graph that appears behind their playback display.

“If the graphics are high, then that part of the video has been replayed a lot. You can use the graphs to quickly find and watch those moments,” says YouTube.
The company also leaked plans to make it easier to find the exact point in the video you want to play. Instead of just showing thumbnails for a specific time, the user will be shown a visual timeline that can show the scene changes. That trial is coming soon to premium subscribers.

YouTube is the home of long videos on the web. However, its mobile app is now also in the short-form video business like TikTok.

Even though many of its competitors are more than 10 minutes long, YouTube's features are still the most supportive for long-form content.(*)

Photo Source: Pixabay

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