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It can be said that cyber security experts do not yet agree on which browser is the safest. Because each browser has advantages and disadvantages in certain respects. A distinction must be made between secure and private browsing

Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari browsers have all made updates with the promise of safer browsing. You can ask a cybersecurity expert about how to navigate between these browsers.

As of June 14, 2022, Mozilla has proclaimed itself the "world's most secure browser", in a blog post published on the company's website. The group justifies its new title by updating its cookie policy, the login information it leaves behind whenever we hang out on the web.

Access to cookies will now be restricted to only websites the user has visited, instead of being stored in the browser for all other companies to see. No other site can access the "cookie box".

This update is certainly a step forward when it comes to privacy, but other browsers already offer it, such as Safari (Apple) and Brave.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are looser when it comes to information, but Chrome has the advantage of filtering out malicious sites better. Therefore we face a dilemma.

Advantages of Google Chrome Browser

“When we talk about security, we have to distinguish between navigation and personal data. Chrome is definitely one of the best when it comes to blocking harm,” said Matthieu Dierick, cybersecurity specialist at F5. "The barrier to phishing is quite effective in Chrome, particularly at alerting questionable sites," confirms Adrien Merveille, director at Check Point, a cybersecurity service provider.

“However, Google doesn't really like hiding your privacy. Facebook can pull information from Amazon's cookies to better targets, for example. It's possible to configure Chrome to stop this free access, but it requires a bit of expertise," said Matthieu Dierick.

The advantages of Brave Browser, for a more private connection

When it comes to privacy, cybersecurity experts recommend using the Brave browser instead. This Tom Thumb browser, was launched a year ago by the eponymous company.

Brave has amassed 2.5 billion searches, including 411.7 million during the month of May 2022 alone. Brave has the specialty of automatically blocking ad trackers, but also pop-up ads and video autoplay.

In its campaign, the Brave browser is looking to compete with other industry giants, with the promise of more private browsing.

“Note that some browsers are quite lenient in terms of security and allow the use of many plug-ins, including those from cybersecurity companies. This makes it possible to block the download of malicious files in advance, for example,” explains Adrien Merveille.

“However, be careful with the plug-ins you download, some of which are shrouded malware meant to steal all data,” warns Matthieu Dierick.

However, both experts have agreed that no browser is perfect. And that caution should be exercised while surfing the web. If all were relatively equal, no browser would succeed in blocking sufficiently sophisticated malware.

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