With CoTweets Feature, TWITTER Users Can Make Collaborative Tweets

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If you want to write a thread about knowledge with your friends, but don't want it if only the name of one of your accounts is listed? Relax, Twitter will provide collaboration features for users in posts. So, you can make collaborative tweets.

Called “CoTweets,” because the new feature allows users to invite other accounts to contribute to a single tweet. So, the name listed is not only yours. But also the name of the person you invite.

"We're constantly looking for new ways for people to collaborate on Twitter," said the company that owns Twitter.

Functions and benefits of CoTweets fitur features

One of the benefits of CoTweets' new feature is to gain more insight into how and why people and brands can use tools like this to collaborate together and learn more about how it can help accounts add new followers.

This feature can also be very useful for influencer collaboration and cross-promotion. So it can reach an audience of two users in the app. As previously explained, it's also a great way to appreciate the original creator of a work.

For example, you want to post a photo taken by a photography expert. Then you want to show your followers the creator of the photo. You can invite and ask the photographer to approve your invitation. Which can later add the creator's profile details to the photo's tweet.

Twitter says that collaborative tweets will be available for a limited time. For now, it's for certain accounts in the US, Canada, and Korea. If initial testing shows hope, it may become a new tweeting option for all users.

Photo Source: Twitter

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