InstaGram Doesn't Like Nakedness, But Will Compete With Onlyfans

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Instagram wants to compete with Onlyfans, with surprising new features.

Instagram never feels comfortable with nudity, especially when it comes to women and people who are overweight or from the visible minority. An attitude that is often criticized by internet users, who regularly accuse social networks of sharing photos of certain publications in excess - especially about sex education - while closing their eyes to certain NSFW content.

Instagram wants to switch to Paywall

Not surprisingly, Instagram continues to adjust its business model. The new feature launched in mid 2022 will allow content makers to use Paywall in some of their posts.

Exclusive content that will be provided for customers who pay, for a monthly subscription of up to $ 100, said Adam Mosseri, president of social networking, recently.

Behind this new feature, there are two goals to be achieved Instagram: Platform hopes to keep the content makers close to him, while offering a comfortable margin for the user's subscription.

Paywalls may specifically involve classic reel and publications, which will be distinguished from small crown and "exclusive" mention. Also note that to encourage users to start, no commission will be charged by the company until 2024.

Will Instagram look like onlyfans?
By choosing Paywall, Instagram is dangerous to target the flower of social networks that are labeled for adults, such as MyM and Onlyfans.

MyM and Onlyfans were made in 2019 and 2016. Both sites shared photos and videos and have operated with the same principle as the Meta platform, with the difference that paid subscriptions are immediately needed to access most content.

However, if Instagram will add paywalls to certain publications, the platform does not have a plan to review its policies about pornography, and is more common about nudity.

Faced with a much more free competition, social networking at risk of running out of arguments quickly. Remember that almost a year ago, Onlyfans had tried to free himself from pornographic content, before quickly retreating.

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