How to Download and Install New Xiaomi and Leica Cameras on Your Phone

The following is a guide on how to download and install the New Xiaomi and Leica camera on your cellphone. So you can try the Xiaomi and Leica Camera apps that they created together to get new features.

Until recently, Xiaomi used the built-in camera app that we all know. This camera has been customized with the MIUI layer. However, ever since Xiaomi announced that they would be releasing their first smartphone with Leica, it took a while before we saw some of the fruit.

Since this merger, Leica has had a significant impact on Chinese companies. One of the nice changes is the new camera app they've created in conjunction with the smartphone company. The good news is that we can install it in our terminal and test it today.

What is the Leica and Xiaomi camera app

The Xiaomi camera app designed with Leica features several changes over the standard version. The new app has a different watermark. The new watermark appears at the bottom of the image, not in the corner.

Regarding image quality, the new cameras from Leica and Xiaomi, the images obtained look the same. A priori, the differences found were only slight. The new app features new Leica color modes, including natural filters, which make photos less saturated and closer to what the human eye sees.

On the other hand, we find Leica's own bright color or black and white mode without forgetting the standard filters that Xiaomi has on its cameras. This difference can be seen in the resulting image, an image that corresponds to the new Xiaomi 12 Pro application.

How to download and install Xiaomi and Leica cameras on our cellphones

Downloading the app will not be as easy as searching on Google play store because it is an app designed for the new Xiaomi 12S Ultra, so we have to download it manually.

The new camera will replace the old camera from Xiaomi which is installed in our terminal. We also need to clarify that we are not responsible for what may happen in the terminal.

To download the application, we must go to the MIUI System Update Telegram channel. This channel collects all the updates of various Xiaomi ecosystem apps so that users can download them.
Xiaomi and Leica camera app installation process
We simply click on the link and go to the download on Telegram. Click on the application to download and download it to our device. Once downloaded, then open it and install it. With this we can enjoy the application on our device.

Photo Source: Itechmagz
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