New Generation of iPhone Patents Will be Used to Type When It Rains and Under Water

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Apple technology giant always tries to bring new innovations to its device. Reported by Screenrant, US Patent and Trademark Office has provided new patents to Apple. The patent is called Modifying functions of an electronic device during the Moisture Exposure Event. Later, users can type on the iPhone when it rains or when the screen is wet.

Although the iPhone comes with water resistance, typing on the screen with wet fingers is still a problem. According to Screenrant, Apple tries to overcome this problem with a new patent that has been obtained.

How does a new patent work from the iPhone?

Apple claims that it adjusts the screen to humidity. Is it stable rain, light rain, or even if the phone is submerged in water. This technology will detect fake touches made by rain drops and eliminate them. So that the phone will only recognize the manual touch.

Control on the screen will also change. The button will be bigger and the distance between the buttons will be increased. The goal is that the user presses the correct button when the screen is wet. Cellphone capacitive screen will also turn into a pressure sensitive screen.

Finger pressing is required to be stronger than a dynamic threshold to prevent fluids or rain drops trigger touch input. If not, drops of rainwater that fall on the screen will continue to type the letters and the number itself.

Wet, underwater, and dry mode in the iPhone camera application

The camera application on the iPhone will offer different settings. Wet, underwater and dry modes. UI present will change settings based on various modes.

For example, in wet mode, certain features can cause interference to be removed from its UI. Likewise, in underwater mode, the button may be larger to facilitate underwater use, but with simpler features.

The iPhone screen will also show at what depth the current phone and will help users to keep their iPhone within the limits of waterproof properties. The company prepares the expansion of the size and changes in the position of the camera UI button to avoid confusion between users.

When will the rain mode patent on the iPhone be applied?

Apple continues to receive many patents for years. But each patent does not produce a direct increase on the device. The company will try its best to provide more benefits to consumers, but it will take time.

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