MicroSoft Presents the OutLook Lite Application for Android Users

Microsoft's leading technology company prepares to launch the Outlook Lite application in July 2022. This application is made lighter and faster which is intended for Android users. Microsoft explained that this application has a smaller size with fast performance for various Android devices.

Reporting from ZDNet Outlook Lite is already available in several countries and Microsoft will immediately prepare for a broader release of applications.

Microsoft also emphasized that this application will be limited to outlook, hotmail, live, and MSN accounts, and does not support the use of accounts for work or school.

In addition, Outlook Lite can also only add one email account. For the addition of several accounts will be available in the future. Outlook Lite features are also limited. This application will not have the features of synchronizing contacts, reminder events, and dark fashion.

Microsoft Outlook itself is a personal information manager program from Microsoft. Outlook allows users to send and receive e-mail, manage calendars, store names and contact numbers, to track tasks.

Lite version application before outlook lite

Previously the Lite version of the application itself had been launched by many leading technology companies. One of them is Meta. The company first made a Facebook Lite version of the application that appeared in 2015. This application is only one megabit size. Besides that, Google also launched the Gmail Lite version of Gmail Go in 2018.

Photo: The Verge
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