Spotify Buy Game Heardle, Will Present Guess Songs for Many Countries

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Spotify just acquired Heardle, the game guessing the song adapted from the Viral game Guess the word wordle. Spotify will build a song guessing feature from the game and again developing it so that it can be enjoyed by all users!

Heardle is actually quite simple. We will be given an initial footage of the song. We can guess the song on six occasions. Every opportunity that fails, we will hear a longer footage. Well, we can only play once a day, so there will be different songs every day.

Before being purchased by Spotify, we can play Heardle (with VPN) on the web Now the website is However, at this time Heardle still could not be used. If we visit the link, we will be offered to hear music in Spotify.

As reported by CNBC, the Heardle game format will not change much after being acquired by Spotify. There will only be additional choices to hear the song in full on Spotify.

Currently Spotify is maturing Heardle for English -speaking countries first, namely the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand. After that Spotify will develop Heardle so that it can be played in the original language of the local country.

Beyond that, for you Indonesian people who like word games, Wordle is also present in Indonesian with the name Katla. For those of you who fans with Taylor Swift, there is also a Taylor version of Wordle with the name Taylordle. Well, have you tried which wordle?

Image: Spotify

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