INSTAGRAM Has Expanded Templates and Added New Music Recommendation Feature for Reels

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Would you like to have Reels on Instagram, but not sure what to post? Don't worry, because Instagram has a series of features that can help you create content.

Over the past week, Instagram has given more users access to template options on Reels. With this new feature, you can create Reels based on popular content formats in the app.
Like the example shared by social media expert Ahmed Ghanem, some people are now seeing new template options within the Reels camera. Here you can choose the content format based on popular trends.

Instagram initially launched a “Template” option in April. This option takes the user through a frame-by-frame process to create similar-looking Reels clips with trending content.

So, if you feel that you are lacking inspiration, Instagram will beautify your videos for you with creative applications. It can also be used as a means to create more interesting clips.

However, this new feature can also make your Reels homepage look familiar, as many of the same types of clips are created. While useful, it's not the only new feature that provides assistance in the Reels creation process.
According to another discovery by Ghanem, Instagram will also recommend songs for your content based on the uploads. So, you only need to prepare what content you want to film, Instagram Templates and recommendations will do the rest.(*)

Photo Source: Ahmed Ghanem on Twitter

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