Phone: 8 Tips to Save Your Smartphone's Battery and Extend Its Life

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Often runs out of battery while the demand is high, the smartphone must be plugged in very quickly. Here are a few tips so that you don't end up without a phone for lack of money. The 20% battery rod is crossed. It's only midday though.

Tips and tricks to save battery power on a smartphone before it dies

Check out these tips and tricks to save your phone power before it shuts down.

Update your smartphone and its apps regularly

The applications found on our smartphones consume a lot of energy, if you don't manage them properly. Start by updating your phone, as well as the apps. Because developers often implement modifications whose goal is to make their creations more energy efficient, according to Europ Assistance.

Disable background refresh

You can then see which apps are running in the background, and turn off their refresh. This often happens in messaging applications, social networks. This app is an app that regularly sends you notifications. For those who don't need it, you can disable this feature in the app settings.

Disable sharing and connection settings

Settings that allow phone interactivity consume a lot of battery. Therefore it is worth thinking about, when it is not useful, to disable Wifi, Bluetooth, localization and NFC (Near Field Communication) which allows contactless payments or validation of transport tickets via smartphone.

Lower brightness

Screen brightness is often automatic. But you can choose the light intensity level yourself (and disable automatic adjustment in device settings). The lower the brightness, the more battery you save

Enable Auto Sleep Mode

You can also enable auto-sleep, and set it to turn off the screen in no time. You can customize it from 15 seconds of inactivity.

Turn on Airplane mode in the middle of the night

In addition to avoiding annoying calls, activating airplane mode at night will save a lot of battery if you don't charge your device. You can also turn it off, if you don't need an alarm clock.

Charge your phone regularly

To save your phone battery in the long run, it is important to charge it properly. Remember to recharge regularly, because unlike the old nickel-based battery, you don't have to wait until it's empty to connect the device.

Lithium batteries do not tolerate charging levels that are too low. Likewise the recommended charging time is 2 hours. Charging your device overnight is not recommended, particularly because of the risk of malfunction and fire, but also because the phone charges to 100% in two hours.

Use the correct cable

Often, we are tempted to use a computer charger for our smartphones, and vice versa. However, it does damage the battery of your device. The risks are significant: the phone could overheat, the battery could be damaged and, in the worst case, could cause a fire in your home.
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