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For bloggers, webmasters, website owners or online businesses, you must have done various ways to increase website traffic, right? But if in fact your website is still empty of visitors, is it possible?

Content quality is okay, content updates regularly and consistently have also been carried out. But why is the traffic not increasing? Is your method incorrect?

Actually there is an easy way to increase traffic that is by placing paid ads. But to advertise you need a lot of money. But don't worry, you can follow our recommendations to increase your website traffic for free and fast.

Website Traffic

Before discussing how to effectively increase website visitors, do you know what website traffic is? Website traffic is the number of people or visitors who visit your website.

You could say website traffic or website traffic is the number of visitors received by a website. In addition, traffic also contains information about the duration of the visit, the content visitors view and others.

This data will be logged by your domain which you can later view. This traffic data is very important to understand the online activity of visitors.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

One of the goals of bloggers, webmasters or website owners of course wants to get high traffic. If your website lacks visitors then the site will sink. You don't want your site to sink, do you?

Here's How To Increase Website Traffic

The more audience or visitors who visit your website, the higher the possibility that the website will rank first in the SERP.

Your website can be successful and known to people. Which will affect site revenue and product sales for business people.

Immediately, we see how to increase free website visitor traffic below:

Via Non Organic Website Traffic

In the world of blogging, traffic sources are divided into two, namely organic traffic and non-organic traffic. Both are very important to increase website traffic. Here's how to increase non-organic website traffic that you can try:

1. Join an online community

Recently, many online communities have emerged whose members have the same profession, vision and mission. If you are a blogger then you can join the online blogger community.

Choose a community that matches the site you manage. For example, communities for online SMEs, internet marketers, online businesses and others.

There are many online communities to be found, ranging from WhatsApp groups, Facebook to Google Community. By joining the community, your relationship will improve. You can get backlinks or promote managed sites.

2. Share articles to various forums

Apart from joining online communities, you can also share your content on various forums or question and answer sites.

There are many forum sites or online question and answer sites that are open to anyone who wants to join. For example Yahoo! Answers, Takon, Brainly, Quora, Reddit, Stumbleupon and more.

3. Build relationships with bloggers or influencers

Blogging work may be done alone, but growing a blog can not be done alone. You must be willing to interact with other bloggers because it can expand your network. Collaborate with other bloggers or influencers.

Because influencers are now proven to be able to increase the business you build. In this case it is managing a blog. If an influencer shares a link to your content on social media, it is more likely that your website will be visited by their followers.

4. Use an interesting headline or title

The title or headline is the first element that the reader sees. Eight out of ten people who surf will read the title first before clicking on the article.

Suppose you have two headings "How to lose weight fast" and "5 Effective Ways to Lose Weight in 7 Days". Which content do you think visitors will click on? Of course the second title is not it?

A good title uses the 4 4 ​​U criteria, namely: Useful, which explains the benefits, Urgency or urgency, Unique, which presents content with a different point of view from competitors and Ultra specific which should be written specifically.

5. Add media People have been shown to prefer media such as images or videos over text or text.

It must be boring to read articles with such long text?
Readers are not comfortable and immediately leave your website. This is called the bounce rate. This bounce rate is also one of the assessment factors carried out by Google. A high bounce rate can reduce site ranking and website traffic.

6. Newsjacking or creating trending content

One way to increase site traffic is to follow trends or create content that can go viral. The curiosity of netizens lately is indeed high. If someone makes it viral, then you can use it to create content.

However, you should note that trending topics have similarities to the topics reviewed on your site. But of course the content you create must be quality by adding ideas or ideas from your point of view.

7. Email Marketing

Have you ever received a promotional email from a brand? This is an example of email marketing. Although classified as annoying for the recipient, but email marketing is proven to bring traffic.

You can create an email signup form so your audience can leave their email address. After that you can do marketing via email. Those who are willing to leave an email address are people who are interested in your site or business.

Therefore, you can follow up by sending a marketing email. When they are satisfied with the content you provide, they are more likely to return to your site or other content.

8. Implementing digital marketing

Digital marketing does have various purposes in the business aspect. However, one of the main goals is to increase traffic.

There are many strategies that you can use in digital marketing, for example PPC Ads, Social Media, email marketing that we described above, and others.

9. Share content to social media

Apart from creating quality content, you should also share that content so that others know about it. You can also share content on various social media.

If your content is of high quality, surely a lot of audience will visit your website. However, you should not spam on social media. Create a structured posting schedule

10. Sign up for Facebook Ads

Who doesn't have a Facebook account? Almost everyone has a FB account from the young to the old. Internet marketers consider FB is a platform that is able to provide the highest advertising ROI.

Via Organic Website Traffic

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex and others are a source of traffic for webmasters or website owners. This also applies to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

However, the traffic generated by search engines is more quality and sustainable. Therefore, you should do the following to increase website traffic:

1. Do keyword and competitor research

Writing what you like is good and can affect the quality of the content. But writing content without research isn't good either, even if you have a good idea.

By doing keyword research, you can get keywords that are often searched by your audience in search engines. There are various keyword tools you can use. Choose keywords with high search volume.

Apart from doing keyword research, you should also research your competitors to win search rankings. From this research you can get important information such as backlinks, targeted keywords, domain quality to organic traffic quality.

2. Using LSI

With the help of the keyword tool above, it can indeed provide an overview of the keywords that are most widely used by the audience. But often keyword tools only provide a limited and rigid variety of keywords. Even though not all audiences are looking for topics according to existing keywords. Audiences use different keywords to search for the same topic. Then you need to add more human variations of the keyword.

How to use LSI.

Each LSI must also have a search volume. So that the total searches can increase from keywords and from LSI.

For example, the keyword is "how to apply for a job", then the LSI used can be "how to apply for a job to be accepted" or "how to get a job fast".

3. Target long tail keywords

Keywords are divided into two, namely short tail keywords and long tail keywords. The short tail consists of 1-2 words for example ''wordpress plugin''. While the long tail consists of more than 2 words, for example ''how to install a wordpress plugin''.

Short tail keywords mostly have high search volume. The competition is also high.

However, it is different from long tail where the search volume is low and the competition is also lower. So the possibility of getting a search is higher by using a long tail.

4. Insert internal link

Internal links are also an effective way to increase site traffic. Internal linking is linking one page to another on the same site.

However, you can only use content with related context or topics. So that readers can find information that is relevant to the topic they are reading.

Reader time will also increase because they are still browsing your site as opposed to browsing competitors' sites.
For example, if you have ''online business'' content, then you can provide internal links to ''online business ideas''. Google uses internal and external links to judge whether a page is quality or not.

The more internal links, then Google will consider the page to be of higher quality and rank well.

5. Improve link building

Link building is an attempt to increase the backlinks that point to your site. The more you receive backlinks from other sites, the better your site will be in the eyes of Google.

So that Google will give a higher position or rank on the search page. If you manage to rank high in search engines, more audiences will click on your content.

6. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a strategy to increase traffic by writing content that will later be published on other people's blogs or online media.

This guest blogging strategy goes both ways. This means you can publish your content on the web or online media.

And vice versa, other people can publish their content on your website or online media. But you also need to implement a strategy, namely choosing online media or websites that have higher traffic.

In addition, you must also create quality content. And do not let your link too much because it can be considered spamming.

7. Maximizing On Page and Off Page SEO

As we explained above that organic traffic is the biggest source of website traffic. Therefore you must apply SEO techniques as well as possible.

There are two types of SEO, namely On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Both are very important to optimize.
SEO friendly content is human friendly content. Even if you apply SEO techniques, you can still create content that is easy for people to understand.

8. Provide complete information

How long is your article? Is it 300, 500, 600 or more than 1,000 words? Writing quality content is important, but you also have to pay attention to the number of words you write.

It turns out that the length of the article is also one of Google's assessments. Longer articles are considered to have complete information and provide the answers the audience is looking for.
But do not let your articles are not of high quality. The quantity and quality of content must be balanced.

9. Increase site speed

The convenience of visitors is one of the things that Google wants to provide. One aspect that makes visitors comfortable is the speed of site access.

The faster the site, the more satisfied the audience will be to visit your site. Surely you are annoyed when you access a slow site? Therefore pay attention to the speed of site loading.

There are many ways that can be used to increase the speed for example with a CDN.

10. Create a mobile friendly site

It turns out that more than 50% of the audience looking for information or exploring the virtual world uses mobile devices, the rest uses PCs, laptops and other devices.
Therefore, you must create a mobile friendly site.

Then what does a mobile friendly website look like?

A mobile friendly display must provide a display that automatically adjusts to the size of the device. So that visitors do not bother sliding the screen by pinching the screen.

If you already understand how to increase website traffic, then the next step is to practice them one by one. Please note that efforts to increase traffic cannot be done overnight.

You need to have a strong determination in running the above business. But don't forget that no matter how well you do the above technique, it won't work if the content you create is not of high quality. So keep the quality of the number one content, oke..

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