11 Ideas For Recycling Old Smartphones or Tablets To Make It More Useful

Old smartphone or old tablet, this device is not destined to collect dust. They can still be used in many ways.

Technology changes very quickly. New products arrive at the store every year, always better than before. Unless you always sell it back before buying a new one, you might have an old smartphone or tablet in your home.

The following is a creative idea of ​​utilizing an old smartphone or tablet device
This device is not destined to collect dust. They can still be used in many ways.

1. Perfect Webcam

Smartphone has a very good camera for several years. Even the iPhone 6 might be more sophisticated than your current laptop webcam. Therefore it is perfect for functioning as a webcam for your computer.

However, the solution may be a little unclear to apply. Depending on your needs, however, it can be very practical.

2. Dashboard camera

Dashcam is the perfect accessory to protect yourself in the event of an accident, but this system is not cheap. Installing the old smartphone to your car dashboard can be a free solution for the problem. You can even download special applications, such as drivers for iOS and Android.

The solution, with cloud storage, is most often paid. But it is possible not to pay for anything, by using the original recording application of your mobile. However, be careful to prioritize storage rather than image quality.

3. Devices for DJs like you

If your smartphone has a jack, it can be useful for your mixture. Connected to the speaker during the party, you will have Bluetooth and tools to play your music.

If Spotify does not work with an iPhone that does not have at least iOS 13, an Android device with version 5.0 can use it. This tablet is not portable, but more models have headphones.

4. Special Machine for Streaming Video

The tablet is very good for playing media files, and it's true after the device becomes "too old". As long as the streaming service you use is compatible with your device, you will be able to enjoy your favorite content on the old tablet after the update stops.

Although popular services no longer function with your device, you can still play content purchased from iTunes or Play Store. If you have other files, players like VLC will be fine.

5. Smart Photo Frame

Old tablets or even old smartphones can be used to display changing information. You can make it a weather station, to watch the weather forecast before you leave home, or calendar for your table.

Photo frame is a good choice. Instead of buying one of these ready -made products, often with the quality of the screen that is questionable and the outdated interface, you can use a longer device to display your photos. The camera photo application, although a long time, is still much better than found in a special photo frame.

6. Home automation controller for the whole family

If you have objects that are connected in your home, you know how practical it is. At present, almost everything that can be plugged in is in the connected version. And it can quickly add to many devices to be managed. To control all this, you can use various applications on your smartphone and/or tablet. But what if you don't have it?

If you have a connected speaker, you can use your voice. But if not, the old smartphone or tablet can function as a control center for your connected home. Place it in a place that can be accessed by everyone. Only with a few beats, you can control everything.

7. A universal remote control for your living room

Old smartphones or tablets can be used as universal remote control for TVs, streaming devices, consoles, and the like are plugged into your living room. Leave the device on the coffee table and you can control your living room more easily.

There are many options to do this, such as Remote TV for iOS and Android. Depending on the device, the manufacturer offers their own application.

8. Your old car now has a carplay or Android Auto

Apple Carplay and Android Auto are a fairly new infotainment system in the car. If you have a vehicle that doesn't have it, you can use an old smartphone. Plugged into a charger, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and you have GPS, music, and wireless communication in your old car.

The same applies to tablets: If you have a tablet that is no longer used, you can use it as a large screen for your dashboard. With the appropriate holder, you then have an iPados or Android in your car.

9. Children's Digital Caregiver

For parents, old smartphones or tablets can be the perfect device for children. You don't need to worry about being damaged. And most of these devices, even those who are old, have parental control features, so you can adjust the appropriate limits.

In the same way as the old device that allows you to play the media, it is enough to allow them to watch their favorite content or play their favorite games.

10. Monitor animals

Internal cameras can again be very useful. Webcam, Dashcam ... and security cameras for your home. You can download applications like Alfredcamera (iOS and Android) on your smartphone today and long to make connections between the two. Place the old device on the tripod and you will have 24/7 eyes to the flow. Perfect for watching your animal or at home.

This application often charges fees for certain features such as H-Video or video recording, but free offers are often sufficient. Once again, like a dashboard camera, you can film the room when you go and watch videos when you come back.

11. Beta examiner is full a day

If your smartphone or tablet is aged, but not fully fossilized, you can use it to test the build. It is often advised not to install the beta version on the device we use every day. This is precisely because the beta version is not free from bugs.

But if you have a device that is no longer used, you can install all the beta versions you want and you still have the main device for daily use.

(This is more interesting for Apple products than Android products, because Apple supports its devices longer than Android device manufacturers.)

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