5 Ads in One Video for Unsubscribed YouTubE Premium, Really?

Some of you may not like what's new on YouTube. YouTube reportedly shows up to 5 ads in one video for subscribers who are not subscribed to YouTube premium.

A while ago a meme went viral in which Captain Piccard of Star Trek told YouTube "sorry you dropped some videos in your ad". Problems with advertising and Google are getting to the point that even YouTube Shorts will be filled with ads.

The thing is, it seems that YouTube is still determined to improve its reasons for paying for YouTube Premium: apart from forcing Vanced to close and apps like NewPipe still not on par with the aforementioned Vanced.

Reportedly, YouTube is now testing five ads you can't ignore before playing the video. Silent test that doesn't concern all users.

According to Gizmochina, YouTube places some users who don't subscribe to YouTube Premium with up to five non-skippable ads, before playing the video they want to see.

The news broke when several non-premium users took to Twitter to report the situation. Most of them said that they received the above 5 ads, which they should see in full, before accessing the content.

The situation has caused a lot of frustration and discomfort for those who experience it. » target= »_blank » rel= »nofollow noopener

YouTube has posted an official response on Twitter acknowledging the situation. They also show that the five-ads phenomenon can occur to users of social video networks with a very specific type of ad called bumper ads; about six seconds of non-skippable ads.” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener

As far as we know, not all free YouTube users experience this problem. It looks like the company is doing some testing with a select few users, as most continue to watch only two ads before the video starts.

Lastly, YouTube warns that if users (free or paid) have comments to share with the company, they can do so via the platform's app.
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