Called InstaGram Competitors, What is BEREAL Application? Advantages and Disadvantages

Growing up in the era of the power of social media, today's young people are filtering, facetuning, and feeling immense pressure to portray the perfect life. Now, there's one app trying to change all that.

French Instagram-like photo-sharing platform BeReal calls itself a different app from other social media and encourages users to post “real” content. Regardless of the number of likes or followers, BeReal's emphasis on authenticity resonates among teenagers.

The app notifies random users each day to share a two-minute snapshot of what they were doing in a post. The goal is to give the user's friends a glimpse into the post without editing and filtering into their daily lives.

Experts say BeReal has the potential to help children who may be struggling with self-esteem issues and anxiety. Curious about the application? Here are the details and how to register an account:

What is the BeReal Application?

BeReal is a photo sharing app that asks users to post one unfiltered photo per day. The app was launched in late 2019, but its popularity started to explode in mid-2022. Currently, the BeReal app is the top Social Networking app on the App Store and has been installed around 29.5 million times.

How does the BeReal app work?

BeReal app sends notifications to all users randomly every day. The time can be morning or evening. Users in the same time zone get alerts simultaneously. They are then given two minutes by the app to take a photo and share it with their followers.

And it's not just one photo either. BeReal uses the front and rear cameras to take selfies along with the activities you do using the rear camera. So, if you're used to beauty filters, get ready... because this app doesn't have any photo editing features.

When taking a photo, the app will count down for two minutes. This means that you will not have time to make up, or edit photos first in afterlight. So, there is no planning and preparation to upload the best content with polish. Plus, there will be no content piling up. You can simply share whatever you were doing when the notification came in.

Once you've posted BeReal, you'll also be able to browse your friends' photos and see what they're up to. Unlike other social platforms, there is no option to like other photos. If you want to engage with a post, you have to take a reaction selfie or write a comment.

How to Use the BeReal Application

The following is a step by step guide using the BeReal application:

1. Create an account BeReal 

BeReal is available for both Android and iOS users, so first, download the app. To create an account, you must enter your phone number, full name, date of birth, and username.

2. Connect with friends

After creating an account and logging in, you can sync contacts to find friends in the app.

3. Take BeReal first

BeReal will ask you to take a picture right after you create an account. Click on the notification and take your first photo in two minutes.

4. Add captions and share photos

After you add a caption, you can choose whether you want to share the photo with everyone or just with friends. Then, click Submit to post! It's easy, right? (*)

Photo Source: App Store

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