How to Recognize a Potentially Explosive Cell Phone Battery, You Must Know!

Modern and latest cellphones have actually been equipped with batteries that are relatively stable and safe to use. But sometimes, for some reason, the battery in your phone or other device can be damaged and eventually pose a potential danger.

Although it sounds terrible, but there are actually special signs that appear when the battery is dying. If you can recognize these symptoms in time, the risk of disasters, such as the device burning or exploding can certainly be avoided.

Signs of a dying cell phone battery

Reported by Life Hacker, here are some signs of a dying battery that you should watch out for.

1. Battery life is significantly reduced

This is the surest sign of declining battery quality. Most of the gadgets we use have lithium-ion batteries, which have a limited lifespan.

When the battery is recharged, its capacity to hold a charge continues to decrease. This is why old phones have much lower battery life than new ones.

So if your smartphone battery suddenly plunges from 100 percent to zero within a few hours, this should be considered a sign of a faulty battery. The best thing to deal with is to replace with a new device or replace the battery from an authorized service center.

2. Swollen battery

Does your device stick out in the battery area? In smartphones, the back panel starts to curve and expand. On laptops, swelling occurs under the keyboard. This expansion could be caused by a swollen battery.

If the battery is swollen, stop using it immediately. Contact a professional repairman for advice on how to safely dispose of a swollen battery. After that, replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

While waiting for a replacement, do not store an inflated battery in your home or other place where it can catch fire.

3. There is smoke or strong odor coming from the device

This is a very clear sign. Immediately keep your phone away from anything you care about. Keep the device away from the house and store it on a surface such as concrete that cannot spread fire.

It is also important not to inhale any fumes coming out of the device. Because this smoke is very toxic.

4. Battery leak

If liquid is leaking from the device battery, you should take the same precautions as described earlier to make sure the battery doesn't explode anywhere near you. Contact a professional repairman for advice on how to dispose of it properly.

5. Your device is broken

Damage in the form of a cracked screen may not be a big problem. But if your device is badly damaged, it's time to start thinking about a fire hazard.

For example, if a car runs over your laptop, avoid trying to boot it up and send it in for repair immediately (if there's anything else that needs fixing). Battery replacement is a good idea in this case, as a damaged battery can also explode without much warning. (*)

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