How to Edit and Change Fonts in Your Instagram Stories and Bio

Instagram will have no more secrets for you! We show you how to change the font in your stories and posts, and it's really easy.,

Instagram only offers one font, which is a real problem if you like originality and want your Instagram account to stand out. Fortunately, there are several free sites that allow you to change the font you use on these social networks. We will tell you everything. Also find out how to have a great profile picture on Instagram.

How to change the font on Instagram?

Changing the font on Instagram is possible from your computer or phone. Here is a list of the sites we use: they are foreign and therefore, may not be available in your language, but don't panic, they are very easy to use. Find the original font that changed from the one offered by Instagram. All you need to do is copy the text from the site and then paste the new font into Instagram.

Instagram Fonts

The Instagram Fonts site offers a variety of fonts, each more original than the next. Either via computer or phone, enter the text you want to use in the box at the top of the site and select the font you like, copy and paste it on Instagram in your bio, in your Story, in a new post or even as a comment under a photo.

Instagram Fonts also offers the possibility of choosing a completely personalized design from the fonts offered. Just press "design your own font", a new web page will open. You'll have to enter the text again, but this time you can choose a different font for each letter of your word.

Lingo Jam

Similar to Instagram Fonts, LingoJam will ask you to enter the text you want to change in the box on the left (on desktop) or top (on mobile). Once your text is entered, you can choose from many styles and fonts, copy the one you want, and then paste it on Instagram.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are also very easy to use. Write the text to be modified and then select the font you like. Meta Tags offer additional functionality that lets you see instantly what posts on your Instagram (or Twitter) account look like. Copy the selected font then paste it on Instagram and voila.

How to change Instagram font in a story?

You have the option to change the Instagram font of your stories by adding bold or italic text or even underlining or strikethrough. To change the font, you need to log into your Instagram account. Then you have to select the Story tab and then create it with photos or videos. Once the text is written, click on the Aa icon that appears above in the Menu. You can then select the font you want.

How to edit your bio on Instagram?

An Instagram bio is a small description that appears on your profile. We explain how to change it easily and quickly.

Edit Instagram bio with computer

Open Instagram then go to your profile. Once on your Instagram page, click "Edit profile" and scroll down the page that appears to open your bio. You can modify it without worry and use fancy emojis or fonts.

Edit Instagram bio with mobile

On the Instagram app, go directly to your profile and click the “Edit profile” box that appears below your bio. You can then modify your bio and give it more style.

That's a quick and easy guide on how to change the appearance of fonts on Instagram both in stories and in your Instagram bio. Hope it's useful bro..

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