How to Make Colorful Writing on Whatsapp with Many Fonts and Writing Styles

As is known, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. In order to make exchanging messages more exciting, writing on WhatsApp can be changed to be more attractive by making the writing colorful.

However, to change the writing from the usual black color, a third-party application is needed. The app is called Blue Text and has been available on the Google Play Store for a long time.

Steps to make colorful writing on WhatsApp

First, download the application before use. Then open the application and select Advanced Fancy Text by clicking Start Writing.

In the column provided, write whatever is used. After that you will see a number of data-style options in it. For example selecting letters to be blue.

Next, three options will appear, namely Copy Text, WhatsApp, and Share Text. Select WhatsApp, because the text will be used in the application.

Next, you will enter WhatsApp. Find the contact you want to send with the colored text.

For the record, this colored writing is not only for private chats. However users can use it to post on their own WhatsApp status.

Meanwhile, writes that the Blue Text application also has other capabilities. One of them provides 50 writing styles, there are also more than 30 types of fonts and a freehand pencil so you can make your own stickers.

The Blue Text application also has clipart and sticker pack features. With this feature, users can create custom stickers according to their own wishes.

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