This Website Collects Thousands of Ringtones and It's Awesome

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If you want to try a new ringtone on your phone, in this online library you will find thousands of sounds to download for free.

Freesound, Website that collects thousands of free ringtones

Your phone has dozens of default ringtones that you can choose from. However, you may want to use a real voice that lets you know when you are called. Don't worry because on the Freesound website you can find thousands of different ringtones and the best of them all. You can also download it for free.

Basically, it is an online sound library released under a Creative Commons license. You will find there audio fragments, recordings, beeps and so on. In short, a wide variety of audio that you can use as long as you don't have a commercial purpose. If you need new ringtones and notifications for your phone, at Freesound you will have a choice between several.

Freesound, the site with thousands of free ringtones

One tone for phone calls, another for WhatsApp messages, another for private Instagram messages... You can customize your phone with a different tone for each notification, so you'll instantly recognize which app the call or message is coming from. Whether you're looking for a variety of those sounds or just to have more options beyond the default tones, Freesound can be the site you go to.

This is a sound library uploaded by the user himself. If you go to the "Sounds" tab, you will see the latest news, most downloaded audio and random sounds that Freesound recommends to you every day. To find new ringtones, you can also use the search box located in the upper right corner. For example, you can search for "Alarms" to find sounds that can be used for your alarm.

Best Free Ringtones app and web for Android

If you want to listen to one of these audios, all you have to do is tap on its name. This way you will reach the main page of the vote, where you will learn more about it, such as the duration, size or score that the user assigns to it. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to register to download sounds.

Once the audio is downloaded, all you have to do is change the ringtone of your Android phone. We recommend that you explore the entire Freesound catalog slowly, as you will find some real gems there. Not only can you use their voices for ringtones, but you can also give them other uses as long as you respect the design rights.

Access the Freesound website

Before we finish, we remind you that you can also create your own ringtones and notifications, so that you will have the most personal and original sound.

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