How to Download Short Videos on Youtube Easily

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How to download short videos on YouTube is an easy trick to do. Because, if previously you already know how to download without an application which has many easy ways, then this time you will be faced with a special application.

Please note, that how to download short videos on YouTube, when compared and paid attention to without using an application, the results are of course easier.

Downloading Youtube Short with Apps

The correct way to download short videos on YouTube by directly using an application is still quite easy compared to without an application. That is, the method is:

1. Download and Install Downloader

Because you will download using the application directly or the platform in question, download and install the downloader beforehand. Namely shorts youtube APK. This application can be found in the appstore or playstore.

2. Copy Link

Next is to copy or copy the link from the YouTube video that will be downloaded. Of course, you have selected the video that you want to download and get the link.

3. Paste Link URL

After successfully getting the link and copying it directly, of course, it must be immediately attached and pasted in the space or column provided as a place to enter the link. The application has specially provided a place to enter the link, then you can start the process by clicking download.

4. Wait for the Download Process

After clicking the download button, wait for the process to finish and confirm that the download process is complete and successful. If it fails, repeat once again starting from clicking download after confirming the location of the error.

5. Check the Video in the Gallery

To ensure the success of the download, try to check directly on the video storage gallery that is already in the initial settings before starting the download. If it is entered, it means that the download is complete.

Pros of Youtube Short Videos

If you already know in full how to download short videos on YouTube, maybe you also need to know the advantages of the short video platform when compared to other similar platforms. The advantages include:

1. Control the Recording Speed

By using a short duration video platform like this short YouTube, you will be able to control the speed of the video recording. Where this serves to add creative options in making videos.

2. Special Music Available

Furthermore, the advantage of this platform is that special music is available. This means that this YouTube short video has a feature for selecting music in the product.

3. Cooperate with Several Parties

Not only selecting music, this platform has also worked with music artists. Label or publisher. Where now there are 100 thousand selected songs that users can use, and this is still growing.

4. The 'Create' icon appears prominently

There is something that platform users can know right away, namely the new 'create' icon as a feature is said to appear prominently on the app with the aim of attracting the attention of more people. In addition, the icon was launched using beta shorts on Android.

The next plan is to display this icon on IOS devices as an improvement of course.

Meanwhile, to talk about the drawbacks after how to download short videos on YouTube, this is limited access because the nature of the feature is still beta. However, all the steps above are enough to explain how this newest short video platform actually works and is used.

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