How to save short YouTube videos without an application

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Save YouTube short videos can be done without an application. Of course, by following several steps as a guide. Previously, it was known that YouTube Short was a platform for sharing short videos. In fact, if anyone wants to use this platform to share videos, it can be done in 15 seconds to 1 minute.

Because this platform is relatively new for release, so not many people know how to save this short YouTube video. Therefore, it needs a special trick to do it.

How to Download Youtube Short Videos

To find out how to save short YouTube videos in an easy and precise way, you can do it without using an application. That is:

1. Via SavefromNet (

The first way is through savefromNet, which is known that this method is also often used to download the regular YouTube platform. In a way:

  • Define or select a video
  • Press the 'share' button, then select 'copy link'.
  • Open the savefromnet link and paste the video link in the download column
  • Select the desired resolution, followed by clicking the download button

2. Via KeepVid (

There is also another way, namely using keepvid which can also download various videos including this YouTube Short. Among others:

  • Select Videos
  • Hit the 'share' button and also select copy link
  • Open the KeepVid site, and paste or paste the URL link in the download column
  • Click Download directly, then the video is automatically saved in full

3. Via 8Downloader

The next method is to use 8downloader, which is a site that also provides a way to save short YouTube videos while providing a complete tutorial. Like:

  • Open the selected video and copy the link or links
  • Visit the Site (
  • Paste or paste the video URL link earlier
  • Select Download options, then select the desired resolution

4. Using Youtube Short Downloader

There's still next, namely using the YouTube short downloader. Where this method is still in the easy category, namely:

  • Define Videos
  • Click the share button, and copy the link
  • Enter the site in question
  • Paste the video URL, and choose a resolution
  • Immediately click download

5. Via Y2Mate

The next way is to use the popular site Y2Mate, because this site also provides a way to download it. The method is:

  • Select Videos
  • Go to the Y2Mate website (
  • Copy the link URL and paste or paste it in the appropriate place provided.
  • Select the resolution and of course immediately click 'download'

6. Using Heatfeed

There is also a site that provides a way to download short YouTube videos, namely Heatfeed. The method is:

  • Open the video and copy the link
  • Open the site ( and paste the link in the download column
  • Click convert
  • Wait for the video thumbnail to appear, then click the down arrow icon
  • Select the resolution and click download, wait until the video is saved

7. Via Shortsnoob

For those of you who don't know much about downloaders for short YouTube videos, maybe you also don't know how to use shortsnoob. Here's how:

  • Specify the captured video
  • Press the 'share' button and also select the copy link button
  • Enter the site (
  • Paste the copied URL into the column provided
  • Select Resolution and immediately click download
  • Wait for the video to be saved in the gallery.

Some of the methods above are what you can use as a way to save short videos without using any special applications. However, this method is quite easy and is proven to be able to do well.

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