How to Prevent Your Neighbors from Connecting to Your WiFi Network?

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Are you worried about users hacking your WiFi, and reducing your Internet speed? This internet tip is about how to prevent your neighbors from connecting to your WiFi network?

Learn three simple tips to protect your network

You have heard these stories before. People manage to connect to private WiFi networks near their homes by using hacking schemes or by simply finding out their neighbor's password.

Here's how to secure your access to prevent hackers from using your internet speed without permission.

1. Secure access to your WiFi

As pointed out by the Ministry of Economy and Digital, there are several types of WiFi locks. The most common is the WEP key (for Wired Equivalent Privacy). Usually offered by access providers, but not secure. Hackers can connect easily and in minutes.

This is why it is recommended to choose a WPA or WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) key. Access to them is more difficult, and will be as frustrating as your neighbour's ill-intentioned hacking gurus.

To change the lock, simply open a page in your Internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and enter "" in the address bar. A page will open asking for your username and password to access your Internet box settings. From here you can change the security key.

2. Change passwords regularly

Like a computer or site password, the more you change, the better the security. It is recommended to change it every two to three months and don't pick up a password that is too easy.

3. Hide your WiFi network

Did you know that you can hide your network from your neighbors? When they search for WiFi from their device, they won't be able to find yours. This option is available in your Internet box settings, such as for a WEP2 key, by typing "" into your Internet browser bar.

Those are three simple tips for hiding and managing your wi-fi network, so that it can't be accessed or hacked by the ignorant hands of people around you.

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