What is the Recommended Short YouTube Duration? Here's the Explanation

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Short videos or short videos on Youtube have recently become increasingly high in demand. Quite a lot of people open Youtube with the intention only to watch various short videos on Youtube. As the name implies, the duration of the YouTube short is really short, where its initial appearance was intended to compete with Instagram's Reel and also Tik Tok.

Of course, with the existence of Short Youtube, which in fact displays videos on regular YouTube, this will present its own challenges for video creators. From a creative standpoint, creators are required to find ideas and ways to express them in such a short amount of time but still interesting for netizens to watch.

Some Important Points Regarding Short Youtube Duration

There are several important things regarding how to create and upload videos on Short Youtube. All of these things seem to go back to the duration of the short YouTube itself, which must be in accordance with the standard. Before discussing this further, it's good to know what Short Youtube is.

Short on Youtube is basically a variety of things related to recording, creating, watching, as well as sharing various short videos on Youtube.

According to YouTube's terms, what is included in the short video is a video that has a duration of no more than 60 minutes and must be above 15 seconds. So, here it is clear that the duration of Short Youtube is between 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

The difference between short videos and regular videos on YouTube is the duration. If Short Youtube only allows uploading videos with a duration of 15 to 60 seconds, while regular videos that are allowed to be uploaded on Youtube are a maximum of 12 hours long. Of course, each has differences based on the duration and type of content you want to display.

Some Things to Look For in Uploading Short Youtube Videos

There are several things that must be understood when creating a video for Short Youtube. Some of these things include:

1. Pay attention to the short YouTube duration

This is an absolute requirement for a short YouTube video. It is known that videos that fall into this provision are videos with a duration of between 15 and 60 seconds.

2. Size and Duration

There are no special provisions governing the size or size of the video. In another sense, the size or size of the video is free, but preferably not too big. In addition, how important it is to make videos with clear resolution.

3. Video Form

The form of videos that can be displayed on Short Youtube is a video with a vertical shape instead of horizontal.

4. Type of Content

The type of content that suits Short Youtube is more about content with short tutorial themes, comedy, or certain challenges.

Steps to Create Youtube Video Shorts

Regarding the short YouTube Short duration, anyone who is used to creating content for conventional (ordinary) Youtube needs, of course, is obliged to try making videos on the Short feature. The aim is to attract viewers who tend to only watch relatively short videos. Here are some steps for making short videos for Short Youtube which are fairly easy:

Select Menu Create Video Shorts

Of course the first step to making a short video is to open Youtube first. After that, enter the menu and select Add Content at the bottom. In Add Content, pay attention to the options, then select the option to Create Video Shorts.

Add new Videos

To add a video to the Youtube Shorts feature, the first thing you have to do is:

  • Prepare the video you want to upload first and make sure it's in the device gallery or disk
  • after that you will see the videos stored there, then select a video to upload.
  • First crop the video that you really want to cut to meet the YouTube Short requirements and then press 'Add'
  • If you feel that you are satisfied with the video, then just press the tick as confirmation to add the video

Upload Videos

After the video you want to upload has been edited in such a way as to make it look attractive, such as text, background music, and so on, then all you have to do is upload it. The method is quite easy, just by pressing the upload button. But before that, first include the title for the Short video according to each individual's creativity. Then add a description and tags that match the video.

Check the Videos on the Channel

The final step is to wait for the upload process to complete and continue by checking whether the video has been successfully added to the channel.

Short YouTube videos, which are so popular nowadays, require content creators to be more creative, especially regarding the duration of short YouTube videos, which are shorter than regular YouTube videos. For this reason, short YouTube videos need to be compressed according to the message you want to convey in an attractive packaging. Hope it is useful..

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