YouTube Short video Size and how to make it easily

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YouTube video short size is actually also one of the requirements for making the YouTube video short video, because the size is very influential. There are several types of sizes that can be included in the criteria for making the video, especially when the video will be uploaded on the application.

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If you want to know the size of the Youtube short video, then you must know in advance how to create and the process.

How to Make YouTube Short Videos Correct

How to make videos with the size of Youtube Short video has been determined, can be done in a practical and correct way through several stages. Namely by:

1. Download and install the application

The first time is to first download the Short Youtube application, then install it on the media that you have prepared. The application is easy to find on Playstore or Appstore.

2. Select the menu for video shorts

Furthermore, after getting the application, you immediately run the video making process. Starting from selecting the menu in a special application for video shorts. You can click on the Add Content menu, then select the option to create a video short.

3. Record video and add new videos

After clicking to create a new video content, then start recording the video you want to make. If the video has been recorded separately alone, then you can take it from the gallery. Pay attention and remember again about the size of YouTube short video and the required duration.

4. Editing and Uploading Videos

After the video was successfully made by recording or taking from the existing video, then before entering the YouTube Video application it is better to edit it first. Minimize errors that occur when making the video. Editing can be done specifically using certain applications.

If you have finished editing, then you can upload the video yourself. That way, the video has made it into the video short application to be distributed.

5. Check the video on your own account

To prove the results of your work, try checking for yourself directly the video on your own account. Or you can also see directly through other people's accounts, such as watching other people's videos.

6. Youtube video short resolution size

When you find out how to make a YouTube video short, you will also be explained indirectly the type of Youtube video short size that is allowed. As for some facts about its size are:

Duration of manufacture

With a size that had been mentioned, the duration of 15 to 60 seconds. Then the duration of the video should not be from that. Because, usually will be rejected by the application if it exceeds the duration say it is included in the usual video category and not video short. The reason is that this application is indeed aimed at making a variety of videos that only lasted a maximum of 1 minute earlier.

Video short resolution

In addition to the duration, for video short resolution there are also several choices. Among them is to use a vertical ratio of 9:16, with a minimum resolution of 600 x 600 while the maximum varies depending on the form of the video.

Size Recommendations

If the resolution is known, then there is also a size recommendation for the video that will be made or uploaded later. The resolution recommendations start from 720 width x 1280 height, or it could also be 1080 width x 1920 height. That way, the video size does not exceed the maximum limit and the resolution can make the video look clear.

It's clear isn't it, how to make a YouTube Short video complete with Youtube video short size itself. If you already understand and understand, of course you will make it easier for you to start working according to the provisions.

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