Can Smartphones Be Used Without a SIM Card? Here are the Tips

The SIM card (SIM card) is an important element in our smartphones. It is this SIM card that allows us to access cellular networks, so that we not only make calls, send SMS / MMS, but also take advantage of an Internet connection.

However, it's possible that you may find yourself without this valuable tool for a few days, time to order a new one, either after changing carriers or losing your smartphone.

However, while waiting to pick up another one, it is possible to stay connected and even communicate, to some extent, without a SIM card.

Smartphones without a SIM card can trigger panic attacks in some smartphone users. However, it is quite possible to use it without a SIM card. And it is possible in many ways.

Do you want to stay connected with your community, but are still waiting to receive your new SIM card? Find out how to reach your loved ones in spite of everything, thanks to wifi. You can even continue to enjoy some content on streaming platforms without being connected to the Internet, provided you plan accordingly.

Stay connected with your loved ones thanks to wifi

If you find yourself without a SIM card, don't panic. You can stay in touch with your loved ones simply thanks to the wifi connection. You can indeed use online messaging applications, which do not require the presence of this electronic chip in your smartphone.

Some may already be part of your daily life, whether Messenger or Instagram, already allow you to chat with your loved ones through this application. The advantage of these online messaging services is that, unlike conventional SMS, they are independent of our cellular plans and thus remain accessible even without a SIM card. The only pre-requisite is, for this app to work, to have an Internet access point.

Knowing that it is even possible, for example in Messenger, to make calls, whether in audio or video only, this will allow you to continue to communicate with your loved ones when you are already at home. And outside the house?

If you are invited to another household, you can always ask the host to share wifi with you.

Today, smartphones are not only for communication. They offer us many other possibilities, and in particular access streaming platforms... Even without a SIM card, by connecting to a wifi network, you can still access the streaming offers of your subscriptions, be it Netflix, Prime Video or even Disney+.

Each of these platforms offers a wide selection of programming, very eclectic, varying between comic or drama series, documentaries, action films or thrillers, even with comedy shows or reality TV shows. It's enough to take care of for hours! What's more, with the added video on demand service, even without a SIM card, you can still listen to your favorite music on your smartphone, through music platforms like Deezer.

The good news is that most of this content, audio and video, can even be accessed without an internet connection... provided you plan ahead.

Are you used to watching series or listening to music, for example in the metro, through your cellular plan? It's hard to have (good) access to wifi on transport, but by anticipating these moments, you can still enjoy your content.

Be aware that most streaming platforms, whether music or video, have download options, so you can stream movies, series, or playlists when you're offline.

So plan ahead: take advantage of your wifi connection at home to download your content before going out, and thus be able to enjoy it even without an internet connection!

Finally, note that this also applies to certain mobile games, which are effectively accessible offline. Even without a SIM card, you won't be completely orphaned and will find something to do while waiting to receive a new one.

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