Prevent certain people from calling you by blocking their phone number

Blocked contacts are generally automatically forwarded to your voicemail.

Are certain repeated calls or messages bothering you? To reduce these calls, you can easily block certain numbers from your Android smartphone.

How to block unwanted numbers on Android

The procedure to block a number on Android is very simple. If for most smartphones, the process is the same, but specific actions or names may differ by specific device.

To block a phone number on Android, follow these steps:

  • Open the Phone app,
  • Go to your call history: accessible in Recents or depending on the specific device by pressing More or by selecting the phone picture,
  • Select the number to block: long press or for some phones: on the three vertical dots, the information icon or small arrow to the right of the number,
  • Select Block or Block number.
  • Systematically block unknown numbers

How to block nuisance numbers

  • Open the Phone app,
  • Tap More or Settings,
  • Select Settings > Blocked numbers or Blacklist > Call blacklist,
  • Enable the Unknown option.
  • Block contact numbers that are in your directory
  • Open the Phone app,
  • Open your contacts,
  • Select the number you want to block by tapping on it,
  • Select Block. Or select the three vertical dots next to your contact and select Block.

These are easy ways and tips to block numbers that often bother you or unwanted numbers. May be useful..

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