8 Important Professions That Will Be Replaced by AI Technologies Like ChatGPT

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AI technology is growing and taking over several human professions that we might have imagined before. Ten professions threatened with extinction by AI include teachers, finance jobs, traders, graphic design, accountants and consumer services.

This trend presents new challenges and opportunities for humans to adapt to the increasingly advanced digital era. Even though AI technology has extraordinary capabilities, there are still many things that only humans can do such as empathy and creativity. Therefore, humans still have an important role in a work environment that is increasingly connected by technology.

Get ready! At least 8 of these professions are predicted to become extinct because they are replaced by AI technology

AI technologies such as ChatGPT do promise convenience and efficiency, but on the other hand they also threaten a number of human jobs. Here are some professions that are at risk of being replaced by AI.

1. Technology Profession (Coding, Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Data Analyst)

Professions in technology, such as coding, computer programmers, software engineers, and data analysts, are among those most vulnerable to being replaced by AI. This technology can generate code more quickly and accurately than humans, thereby reducing the amount of labor.

2. Media Jobs (Advertising, Content Creator, Technical Writer, Journalist)

Professions in the media industry are also under threat of being replaced by AI. AI technology can read, write, and understand text-based data well, so it can generate content quickly and effectively.

3. Legal Industry (Paralegal, Legal Assistant)

Language-oriented professions such as those in the legal industry are also vulnerable to being replaced by AI. However, this technology can only help increase productivity, not completely replace the role of humans.

4. Market Research Analyst

AI can also replace the role of market research analysts, from collecting data, identifying trends in data, to finding effective marketing campaigns. Therefore, this profession is also at risk of being replaced by AI technology.

5. Teacher: Profession Endangered Due to AI

According to Pengcheng Shi, dean of the Rochester Institute of Technology's department of computing and information science, teachers may no longer be humans but computers with AI technology. ChatGPT, for example, can already work in the classroom. Pengcheng Shi explained that while there are still bugs and inaccuracies in knowledge, these can be easily fixed by training ChatGPT.

6. Finance and Trader Jobs Are Endangered by AI

Analysts to financial advisors, as well as traders, are jobs that are threatened by AI technology. According to Mark Muro of the Brookings Institute, AI can identify market trends, highlight investments in portfolios that are better or worse, to inform the data. Pengcheng Shi also said that investment can use AI to do certain modeling.

7. Graphic Design and Accountants Are Endangered by AI

AI tools that can generate images quickly, such as Dall-E, are considered a threat to the graphic design industry by three professors from the Harvard Business Review.

In addition, Brett Caraway from the University of Toronto stated that the intellectual workforce, including accountants, is also in danger of being replaced by machines.

8. Consumer Services Endangered by AI

Chatbots employed to call or chat with customer service have become commonplace. According to a 2022 study from technology research firm Gartner, chatbots are predicted to dominate 25% of consumer service channels by 2027.

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