Bing Capability Enhanced by Microsoft Uses AI Technology

Microsoft announced an update to the Bing search engine and Edge browser. Both of these tools are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows users to talk to Bing like ChatGPT. This will give a more detailed and detailed answer.

A limited desktop version of the AI-powered Bing and Edge browser will launch on Tuesday. Users will be able to search and explore multiple queries during the initial period.

The update for Bing and the Edge browser is the result of a collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman confirmed that Microsoft is incorporating OpenAI GPT-3.5 language technology into Bing to enhance its capabilities.

Microsoft uses GPT technology from OpenAI to improve Bing performance. Although its function is similar to ChatGPT, it is not the tool used.

Sam Altman is excited about the update and says he has been waiting for it for 20 years.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, said that the search concept has not changed in recent years, only the features have been improved. However, with AI, the search system will become more sophisticated.

Google, through Alphabet, is also debuting its search system called Bard and has a ChatGPT-like tool.

The head of Google, Sundar Pichai, said that the company plans to incorporate some of Bard's AI features into the search tool, so that future versions of Google Search will have topic identification capabilities.

Microsoft and Google innovation will reshape the world's largest software category.

Bing updates and Edge browser equipped with AI technology will help users to get more detailed and detailed answers. Meanwhile, Google will also incorporate Bard's AI feature into its search tool.

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