Croatian Restaurant Features Robot Chef Cooking Menu

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BOTS&POTS Sci-Food is a restaurant in Croatia that offers a unique experience for its customers. The uniqueness does not come from the type of food offered, but from the chef who cooks it.

According to Reuters, the restaurant offers an experience to enjoy food made by a robot chef. At least, the GammaChef robot can cook up to 70 different one-pot meals (food cooked in one pot).

According to the owner, this restaurant in Zagreb is the only restaurant in the world where robots cook raw food into ready-to-eat meals for customers without human involvement other than putting fresh ingredients into the machine. The robot will then add oil and spices according to the digital recipe created by the human chef.

One of the restaurant owners, Hrvoje Bujas, said that robots have been used in similar restaurants to stir and fry chips and hamburgers, make pizza, or serve and deliver food. But he explained that no robot makes one-pot meals from raw ingredients.

"It's really a challenge to make ready-to-eat food from fresh ingredients in the shortest possible time and as tasty as possible," Bujas told Reuters.

GammaChef is "taught" digitally how to cook food by the head chef of the restaurant, then remembers and repeats it endlessly. Bujas said that five cooking robots can each produce four servings of food in 15 minutes or almost 100 meals in one hour.

It took Bujas' partners seven years to turn this idea into reality and then open the restaurant last year. For this project, the investment spent was more than 1 million euros or around Rp16 billion. If sold, the price of one cooking robot is worth 10,000 euros or around Rp163 million.

According to Bujas, the presence of these robots can speed up the cooking process and save money when there is a shortage of staff. Regarding taste, there is no need to worry. This robot can produce food that satisfies the palate.

"The food is of high quality," said Lovro Petar Andrisek, 18, who came to BOTS&POTS for his birthday celebration. "My plate is really clean."

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