Very Long, Twitter Blue Subscribers Can Now Tweet Up to 4,000 Characters

Twitter Blue, the premium subscription service of the popular social media platform, has just announced a new feature that may be the answer to the frustrations of users who find the 280-character limit on tweets too limiting. The new feature will allow Twitter Blue subscribers to write tweets that are longer than the current limit, even long enough to write a short story.

Through its official Twitter account for Twitter Blue @TwitterBlue, the company announced the new feature, which included a tweet that exceeded the current character limit.

Starting today, Twitter Blue subscribers in the US can create longer tweets. Most of the standard tweet functions will still be available, such as posting pictures, using hashtags, or creating polls. However, subscribers can now type up to 4,000 characters. For now, long tweets on the web cannot be saved as drafts or scheduled to be sent later.

While the character limit for tweets has increased by several folds, users need not worry about seeing long tweets on their timelines, as only the first 280 characters will be displayed. The rest of the tweet can be viewed by clicking the "Show More" button.

Only Twitter Blue subscribers can post longer tweets, but anyone can read them. Users can reply, retweet, and quote tweets from longer tweets, regardless of whether they are Twitter Blue subscribers or not. Meanwhile, subscribers can reply and quote up to 4,000 characters.

Since its relaunch a while back, Twitter has been rolling out various interesting features for Twitter Blue subscribers. Before this latest announcement, Twitter Blue introduced the ability to post videos with a duration of up to 60 minutes.

In Indonesia, Twitter Blue has already been officially launched. Those who want to get the blue tick and access other premium features can subscribe to Twitter Blue for a monthly fee starting at Rp120,000. If you want a cheaper option, you can subscribe for one year at a cost of Rp1.25 million.

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