How to Deal with a Cellphone Battery Run Out Quickly: The Cause and Solution

Mobile phone batteries draining quickly can be frustrating, especially during important moments. It can be even more annoying when you haven’t been using your phone too intensively. The cause of a fast-draining battery, however, might not always be a damaged battery. 

In this article, KompasTekno discusses the possible reasons and solutions to address a smartphone battery that drains quickly.

Several factors can cause a phone battery to drain quickly, such as a high screen brightness, constantly active background applications, continuously active Wi-Fi or hotspot, Google Maps that are always active, excessive application notifications, or an old or damaged phone battery.

Reducing screen brightness can help to save battery life. Often, users increase the brightness of the screen, especially when outdoors. However, excessive brightness forces the battery to work harder, causing the phone to run out of power more quickly. 

To save battery power, users can reduce screen brightness by sliding or scrolling the dropdown menu on their phone.

Additionally, another way to conserve battery power is by changing the application display to dark mode. Dark mode reduces screen brightness intensity when using the phone outdoors. Users can activate the dark mode on some Google applications by following a tutorial on this link.

Many smartphones have several background applications that continue to run, which drains the battery. To disable these applications, access “Settings” and choose “Apps”. Next, click “Manage Applications” and choose the application you want to disable. Finally, click “Data Usage” and slide the toggle to “Background Data”.

Not turning off Wi-Fi or hotspot is another common mistake that can cause the battery to drain quickly. Users sometimes forget to turn off these features after using them. If not turned off, these features could end up draining the phone’s battery. To save battery life, users should turn off Wi-Fi and hotspot when they are not in use.

Google Maps is a necessary application for many people. However, leaving it active at all times can be a significant cause of battery drain. 

When in a critical situation where the phone must be used for longer, it is advisable to temporarily disable Google Maps. Users can easily do this by sliding the dropdown menu on the phone, tapping the location icon, and then turning off Google Maps.

Some applications tend to send too many notifications, even if they are not needed. For instance, news applications tend to send notifications about the latest news regularly. 

If a user feels that there are too many unnecessary notifications from various applications, they can turn them off. To do so, access “Settings” and choose “Apps”. Next, click “Manage Applications” and choose the application. Finally, turn off the notification.

A damaged or old phone battery can also be a possible reason for a fast-draining battery. When a battery is old, it can no longer hold a charge as long as it used to. In such cases, the battery may need to be replaced with a new one.

In conclusion, a fast-draining phone battery can be caused by several reasons, but there are several ways to fix it. Users can reduce screen brightness, disable background applications, turn off Wi-Fi or hotspot when not in use, temporarily disable Google Maps, and turn off unnecessary notifications to extend their phone's battery life. 

Finally, if the phone's battery is old or damaged, it is best to replace it with a new one.

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