6 Essential Features of Mobile Business Apps to Improve Customer Loyalty and Business Efficiency

In today's digital age, mobile business applications have become the best means of bridging the gap between business owners and customers. These applications are designed to streamline various processes necessary to create a smooth transaction and meet the satisfaction of both parties. 

For instance, applications such as GbWhatsapp can make communication between sellers and buyers easier by providing important features. Most of these applications can be downloaded quickly and for free from Google Play Store.

According to research, it is estimated that by 2022 alone, there will be 258 billion mobile application downloads by users worldwide, including Indonesia. This figure has increased by 45% compared to 2017.

To win the hearts of customers and increase their satisfaction, it is important to develop a mobile application with amazing features. These features can help businesses increase customer loyalty, sales, brand awareness, improve efficiency, and even increase ease of access for them.

So, what are the features that business owners need in their mobile applications? Here are the six most important features you need to know:

Most users abandon applications that take too long to load content and images. Therefore, users expect applications to load quickly.

Users are also more interested in using features that are easy to use and navigate. To improve ease of use, you need to conduct research to find out what your customers want without complicating things.

Another important feature for mobile business applications is customization. Allowing users to customize the app is a way to improve their user experience. For example, allowing them to customize content, layout, colors, fonts, and system functions will make them more comfortable using the application.

Internet security is crucial for business apps that store sensitive information, such as credit card details, to protect customers from malicious hackers.

Integrating popular payment methods is essential for an eCommerce app to increase sales of products offered and provide a seamless checkout experience.

Integrating social media channels is necessary to enhance brand visibility and awareness for an app, making registration and sharing of products and events easier.

Push notification feature allows direct communication with customers, enabling businesses to send relevant and non-intrusive promotions in the form of texts or graphics.

To increase user-friendliness, customization features that allow users to personalize content, layout, and system functions should also be incorporated into a business app.

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