Main Cause of Job Interview Failure According to Former Google VP

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Job interviews are an important step in the employee hiring process. However, many candidates often fail in this stage. Former Vice President of Google, Claire Hughes Johnson, explains that lack of self-awareness is one of the reasons for candidates' failure in interviews.

Self-awareness is a person's ability understand oneself. In the context of the workplace, self-awareness is necessary for someone to know the skills and abilities that need to be developed. "When someone is very self-aware, they are more motivated to learn because they are honest about what they need to work on. They also get along well with colleagues and managers," Claire explains.

However, a study from Harvard Business Review shows that only 10-15% of people who consider themselves to have self-awareness are truly self-aware, out of a total of 95% of respondents. Therefore, lack of self-awareness can be a cause of candidate failure in job interviews.

In a competitive work world, good self-awareness can be the key to success in finding a job. Candidates who have high self-awareness tend to be more motivated to learn and get along well with colleagues and managers. Therefore, it is important for candidates to develop their self-awareness before facing job interview stages.

Signs You Lack Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the key to success in the workplace. However, not everyone realizes how important self-awareness is in achieving their goals. According to Claire Hughes Johnson, a former Vice President of Google, one of the reasons why some candidates fail in interviews is lack of self-awareness.

Here are signs that you lack self-awareness. You often get feedback that you disagree with, feel frustrated and annoyed with team direction or decisions, often feel tired after working and don't know why, and cannot explain the type of work that you do and don't like.

How to Build Self-Awareness

To build self-awareness, there are several ways that can be done, including:

First, understand your personal values.

You need to know what is important to you, what makes you passionate, and what things can weaken you. By understanding these things, you can better understand how you work.

Second, identify your work style.

Try to note your achievements and lows while working for a few weeks. Through these notes, you can see your working patterns. If you have difficulty trusting your instincts, try asking someone competent to evaluate when you do your best and worst work.

Third, analyze your skills and abilities.

During an interview, you must be confident about your strengths and weaknesses. Beforehand, ask yourself what skills need to be developed and what abilities have been acquired and gained over time. This way, you will be more prepared and confident in a job interview and can improve your self-awareness.

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