Surprisingly, Leader of the Australian Anti-Islam Group, Shermon Burgess, Converts to Islam

Shermon Burgess, a well-known anti-Islam activist in Australia, has converted to Islam. The news went viral on social media, given that Burgess used to hate Islam because of the doctrines and propaganda he had heard for years.

However, strangely enough, Burgess uploaded the Palestinian flag along with the two sentences of the shahada on his social media page and announced that he had embraced Islam.

According to Crikey, Burgess was previously known for his role in the anti-Islam protest in Bendigo in 2015. He played a crucial role in coordinating and inciting tens of thousands of his followers. However, his decision to convert to Islam surprised many.

Before converting, Burgess was vehemently anti-Islam and often urged people to attack Muslims. However, after feeling lost in his life, Burgess tried to find real peace of mind. He received advice from some of his acquaintances to consult with religious leaders. However, he felt that he was not being served well.

Finally, he decided to find true peace of mind by looking at the Muslim community in his country. He saw how Muslims helped their brothers in need, and it surprised him.

Since converting to Islam, he has felt more comfortable and loved in his new environment. He even feels protected by fellow Muslims in his country.

"So, if you are in a state of despair or something is happening, and you need the presence of your brothers to keep watch, for example, if you are threatened, they (Muslims) will come to protect you," Burgess said, as quoted by Ayatuna Ambassador's YouTube channel.

Shermon Burgess is now very grateful to his fellow Muslims. According to him, they are very kind people who are always ready to help when needed. His decision to convert to Islam has significantly changed his life.

"I am even lost for words to express my gratitude. You (Muslims) are very kind people," concluded Shermon Burgess.

Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

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