How to Easily Change My Email Address on Gmail, Orange, Outlook, and Yahoo

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Looking to change your email address easily? Read this article to discover how to update your email address on Gmail, Orange, Outlook, and Yahoo.

You might want to change your email address for various reasons, such as practicality or maintaining privacy. However, not all email services allow you to do this. Here's how to change your email address on some popular email platforms.

Changing Gmail Address

If you're using Gmail, changing your email address might not be possible. You need to log in to your Google account and navigate to "Personal Information," "Contact Info," and "Email Address." There, you'll see your current email address. If there's an option to click on it, you can try changing it.

However, make sure the name you choose hasn't already been taken by someone else. If it's in use, you'll get a message: "Unchangeable address identifying your Google account."

Changing Orange Email Address

If you're using Orange, changing your email address is easy. Simply log in to your customer area. Then, access your account's security management. In the "Your Account Identifier" section, click "Change" and enter the new email address you want.

Remember, by default, you'll still receive emails sent to your old email address (they'll be automatically forwarded to your new email address). If you don't want this to happen, uncheck this option.

Can You Change Outlook Email Address?

If you're using Outlook, unfortunately, you can't change your email address. However, there are two alternative solutions you can try. First, you can create a new email address. Go to the Outlook website and click "Create Free Account." Choose a username and password that haven't been used by others and click "Validate." Then, provide some information: last name, first name, country of residence, and birthdate.

Second, you can "Add an Alias" by adding a new email address to your existing mailbox. This way, you'll have two email addresses using the same inbox as your primary email address.

Editing Email on Yahoo

On Yahoo, similar to Outlook, you can't change your existing email address. However, Yahoo offers the option to change your account name and display name. To do this, open "Personal Information" and click "Edit." Then, click the name and/or display name you want to change. If this isn't satisfactory for you, the last solution is to create a new email address. Go to the Yahoo registration page and follow the steps.

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